YourSmileDirect Review

yoursmiledirect review

What are YourSmileDirect (Alignerly) Aligner Dental Braces?

Your Smile Direct is a dental company that manufactures invisible dental braces for straightening teeth. In June 2020, the company rebranded itself as ‘Alignerly’ and now it is making clear straightening braces under this new name. Alignerly is one of the few companies in the UK which offers teledentistry as well as direct-to-consumer orthodontic services.

Teledentistry is a new concept as it’s only been around in the UK for about five years. In teledentistry, you don’t need to visit your orthodontist every month or so, rather you get your aligners through the post and consult with a dentist online.

By offering teledentistry, Alignerly got a competitive edge over its competitors and therefore it has penetrated the UK market very quickly. Also, the clear braces of Alignerly are convenient, affordable, and quick. Alignerly offers a set of braces for correcting only the front six teeth (both upper and lower). After wearing a set of braces for two weeks, you have to replace them with a new one.    

Who Needs It?

To qualify for Alignerly treatment, you must have healthy gums and teeth. Alignerly braces can address a range of front teeth issues. If you have any of the following correcting issues then you can consult with Alignerly for assessing your eligibility for the treatment.

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gap teeth
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite

How Does It Work?

For treating any of the above teeth correction issue, you have to follow the treatment plan. The treatment will involve the following stages.

  • The first step of the treatment is the assessment of your teeth. You can do your assessment either by physically visiting one of the Smile Clinic (Alignerly clinics are known as Smile Clinics) or through teledentistry.  When you physically visit one of the Smile Clinics, the orthodontist will take a 3D scan of your smile for examining your treatment suitability. Whereas in teledentistry, Alignerly will send you a Home Smile Kit via mail. The kit includes putty, trays, gloves, disinfectant tablets, and a complete guide showing how to make your impressions. You can take two sets of impressions in case one doesn’t come out quite right.
  • After the scans or impressions, the orthodontist will review them and will assess your suitability for the treatment. If you are suitable then custom clear braces will be created for you. Alignerly braces come as a set of multiple aligners and you have to replace your braces after every two weeks.
  • When your custom braces get created, they will be posted out to you and you can put your first set as soon as you receive them. Fitting of the braces is pretty simple and you can wear them on your own.
  • Throughout the treatment, there is no need for visiting your dentist except for a checkup-if you need it.
  • Like every other dental treatment, Alignerly treatment will also require a retainer after the treatment for preventing relapse.

Alignerly clear braces come as a set of multiple aligner braces. Each of the braces has to be replaced with a new one every two weeks. Each of the braces moves your teeth slightly and in the end, your teeth are in their desired position.

The treatment period for normal cases is about 20 weeks and you have to wear the braces for around 22 hours a day throughout the treatment.

What is the Cost of the Treatment?

The cost of Alignerly treatment is less when compared to other clear braces companies. The cost of the whole treatment (essential plan) roughly stood at 1599 pounds. This cost doesn’t include the assessment costs. If you visit a Smile Clinic then your assessment cost will be 49 pounds whereas Home Smile Kit for impressions will cost you 99 pounds. In addition to ‘essential plan’, Alignerly also offers a ‘brighter plan’, which costs about 1749 pounds and will include your aligner treatment as well as a dentist-prescribed whitening plan.

You can also pay the amount of both plans. For the ‘Essential Plan’, you can pay 45 pounds per month for 36 months. This brings your treatment to a total price of 1620 pounds. While for the ‘Brighter Plan’, you can pay 49 pounds per month for 36 months. This brings the total treatment price to 1764 pounds. When your treatment is completed, you will get one set of retainers (worth 139 pounds) free of cost.

After discussing the Alignerly braces in detail, let’s look at some of its advantages.

Pros of Alignerly

  • Invisible: Alignerly dental braces are made up of high-quality transparent plastic and therefore they are invisible. Like other clear braces, Alignerly is a discreet teeth-straightening solution and you can avoid the embarrassment associated with traditional metal aligner braces.
  • Quick Result: These aligner braces yield instant results as you can feel smile improvement after replacing each set of braces.
  • Cheap Solution: Alignerly braces are not only quick but they are also cheaper. For example, the average cost of other advanced orthodontic aligners ranges from 6000 to 7500 pounds while the cost of Alignerly treatment ranges from 1550 to 1800 pounds.
  • Convenience: These invisible aligners are convenient too. Though it is advisable to wear it for at least 22 hours a day, still you can remove it for eating, drinking, or for a phone call.

Alignerly clear braces have also a few downsides. The following are some of the disadvantages of Alignerly braces.

Cons of Alignerly

  • Not For Everyone: If you don’t have good oral health then this treatment is not suitable for you. Healthy gums and teeth are the first pre-requisite for wearing Alignerly braces.
  • Uncomfortable at the Start: Alignerly braces feel a little uncomfortable at the start. You will also experience some pain after fitting a new set every two weeks. The pain is an indication that your braces are working and therefore you have to bear the pain.
  • Virtual Teledentistry: Alignerly offers teledentistry. There are frequent errors in teledentistry as all communication takes place in a virtual place.
  • Only Treats Front Teeth:  Another downside of Alignerly is that the treatment is effective for mild to moderate correction issues for the first six front teeth (both upper and lower). If you have severe teeth conditions or you want to straighten your premolars and molars then Alignerly is not the right choice.
  • Retainers: After treatment, retainers are needed for preventing relapse, but, it is not the case with Alignerly braces as all orthodontic treatments need retention.

Alignerly has helped millions of people worldwide and the following are some of the patients’ testimonials showing their trust in the brand.

Alignerly Customer Reviews

“Absolutely amazing throughout the process, and very patient considering it took my quite a few months to actually order the aligners! Customer service has been great from the beginning, always got back to me very quickly and answered all of my questions. Would highly recommend.”


“I am so happy with the way they are looking”


“I ordered my retainers in January 2019, and now have completed my full treatment. The service is fantastic. I went into the dentist to get my teeth scanned, was approved treatment and then they sent me my retainers in the post. I needed 8 to complete the full course… The entire process was very easy and if I had any problems, I contacted them and they got back to me within 24 hours. My teeth have gone from being misaligned and wonky to being really straight and I am incredibly proud of my smile now!”


I am very satisfied with the service and product!

Great experience and results! Finally I got the smile I always wanted thanks to the collaboration and support!”

Christian Carpino

Alignerly FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

They cost less than their competitors in the UK with the whole treatment setting you back around 1600 pounds. You will have to pay an extra 49 pounds for assessment and another 99 pounds for Home Smile Kit.

We suggest you check dailymail for more information on discounts. 

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