Inman Aligner Review

inman aligner review

What is Inman Aligner?

If you have protruding teeth then don’t worry, you are not alone. There are a lot of people out there in the UK, who need teeth corrections. Luckily, a range of safe, quick, effective, and portable teeth correcting appliances are available in the market. Inman Aligner is one of such amazing teeth-aligner appliances.

Inman Aligner is an efficient tool for straightening front teeth-six upper/lower front teeth. It is a safe and quick solution and you can go for it before other cosmetic options like bonding. Inman Aligner is removable and therefore you can remove it for a phone call or for an interview. It is also one of the cheapest teeth-aligning solutions. Because of its ease, effectiveness, and affordability, Inman Aligners are becoming increasingly popular among dentists and masses alike.

Who Needs It?

Inman Aligners are suitable to every age group but you must have healthy gums and teeth for wearing the Inman Aligner Braces. Any healthy individual, who have any of the following symptoms is eligible for Inman Aligners.

  • Front teeth protrusions
  • Front teeth crowding
  • Reversion from earlier orthodontic treatment due to failed retention
  • Busy people who can’t wear other orthodontic appliances

How Does Inman Aligner Work?

If you have any of the above symptoms then it is high time to consider the Inman Aligner treatment. After opting for Inman Aligners, the following process will take place.

  • First of all, a certified dentist will examine your condition to decide whether the aligner is suitable for you. After your suitability, the dentist will discuss in detail the positions of your teeth.
  • Then impressions and photos of your teeth will be taken for making a custom aligner braces for you.
  • Once your customized brace is fabricated, the dentist will fit it and will brief you about the use of the braces. In case, you get your aligner via mail then a detailed instruction guide will be attached with your parcel.
  • A regular Inman check every 2-3 weeks is part of the treatment for assessing improvement or otherwise.
  • Finally, after completion of treatment, you will need a retainer. Retention is recommended for every orthodontic treatment for preventing relapse. A lingually bonded retainer or an Essix retainer can be used for retention.

Inman Aligners have two bows-one inner and the other outer (buccal and lingual). The two bows gently oppose each other and in the process force the teeth to their new positions. Inman Aligners are a quick and safe means of correcting front teeth.

Initially, you have to wear the braces for at least 16-20 hours a day. Afterwards, the daily wearing period is minimized according to the severity of the problem. On average, the treatment period for normal cases ranges from 6-18 weeks.

What is Cost of the Treatment?

The Inman Aligner treatment is cheap and affordable. Usually, you can get an Inman Aligner from as little as 3.50 pounds a day and around 100 pounds for a month. For a normal case (6-18 weeks), cost of the treatment will be around 1800 pounds.

You can also pay your treatment charges in easy monthly installments, but in this case, your charges may go up to 2000 pounds due to interest charges. After treatment, you have to pay additionally for the retainers and the cost depends upon your retainer’s option.

Inman Aligner is a preferred teeth correcting solution for many people due to its several benefits. Now we will look at some of its advantages.

Pros of Inman Aligners

  • Less Visible: Though Inman Aligners are not clear braces they are less visible than conventional aligners. Inman Aligners have a visible front string that is covered by a transparent covering and thus it is hardly visible to the people.
  • Varieties: A range of Inman Aligner varieties are available in the market. The variety of white strings is almost invisible but a bit costly. So, you are ready to spend more then you will get a higher quality brace.
  • Fast Treatment: Inman Aligners work fast compared to other aligners because it applies a continuous but gentle force on the teeth. If you have mild or moderate protrusions then a 3-4 month treatment will be sufficient. In the case of children, the treatment period may last only 1-2 months.
  • Cheap Solution: Inman Aligners are not only quick but they are also cheaper. For example, the average cost of other advanced orthodontic aligners ranges from 6000 to 7500 pounds while the cost of Inman aligners ranges from 1800 to 2500 pounds.
  • Convenience: Inman Aligners are convenient too. Though it is advisable to wear it for 16-20 hours a day, you still can remove it for an important phone call or other occasions. If you have permanent braces then you can’t eat comfortably or speak clearly to your dear ones. The Inman braces don’t cause such hindrances in your routine activities.

Likewise any other product, Inman Aligners also has some downsides. The following are some of the disadvantages of the Inman Aligners.

Cons of Inman Aligners

  • Not For Everyone: If you don’t have strong jaws and good gums and teeth, then Inman Aligners are not for you. Healthy gums and teeth are the first pre-requisite for wearing Inman Aligner braces.
  • Only Treats Front Teeth: Inman Aligners are devised for treating only front teeth (six upper and lower). These braces can’t align all of your teeth and you have to go for other options for correcting your molars or premolars.
  • Uncomfortable at the Start: Inman Aligners feel a little uncomfortable for the first few days. But after a week, you will become used to your aligner.
  • Obstructing the Speech: Just like uneasiness in the initial days, the aligners will hinder your speech for the first two weeks but after the acclimation period, you will face no issue in speaking.
  • Retainers: After treatment, permanent retainers are needed for preventing relapse, but, it is not the case with Inman Aligners as all orthodontic treatments need retention.

As you can see that most of the downsides are only limited to the acclimation period therefore Inman Aligners are one of the best solutions for teeth alignment. This is the reason why people are increasingly using it and are satisfied with its treatment. Following are a few of the patient testimonials praising the effectiveness, reliability, and safety of the Inman Aligners’.

“This is actually the first I have heard of Inman aligners. My son had ‘traditional’ braces and quickly got used to them”


“I had my Inman aligner for 8 weeks to straighten my front teeth and I am so happy with the results. The results are amazing!” 

Gill USA

“I have mine at the moment and I have had it for about five weeks. It works faster than train tracks and it is relatively pain-free. Overall I would give it the thumbs up :)”

Anna USA


FAQ Inman Aligner

Most frequent questions and answers

Inamn clear aligners usually cost you around 1800 to 2500 pounds.

The suggested solution is to use a Retainer Brite and soak your aligners in them. You can also brush it with an antibacterial soap to keep it clean.

Inman aligners are available in most major cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool etc. You can find a dentist here.

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