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What Is Franksmile Aligner?

Can you smile frankly? If no and if you have lost the smile you were born with. Then we have good news for you, we can bring back your frank and cute natural smile with Franksmile clear aligners.

Franksmile Aligners are the non-traditional and invisible dental braces that can address almost every tooth correction issue quickly, safely, and conveniently. Franksmile Aligners consist of a set of top and bottom aligner braces that are replaced every two weeks. After each replacement, the teeth move slightly to their new position and thus reinventing your natural smile.

Though these clear braces can be removed for activities like eating or drinking etc but however, you must wear them for 20 to 22 hours for best results. Franksmile Aligner braces are versatile and can treat a range of correction problems like crowding and protrusions.

Who Needs It?

Anyone, above 18 years of age, with good oral health who wants to get back his/her dream smile can go for Franksmile treatment. Franksmile Aligners can be used for treating any of the following issues.

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite/ Deep bite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Gap teeth
  • Crooked teeth

How Does Franksmile Aligner Work?

If you have decided to embark on this smile journey, then you have to follow all the treatment stages as discussed below.

  • Consultation with a certified orthodontist is the first stage of the treatment. Franksmile will assign a licensed and qualified orthodontist for your first consultation. The experts will create your treatment plan from your 3D scan. After the scan, they will create your customized treatment plan.
  • Once your customized treatment plan and aligner braces are created then you will be directed to one of the affiliated partner clinics where your first set of braces will be fitted in your mouth.
  • Once fitted in the mouth, these initial custom braces will be replaced with a new set of braces after every two weeks. With each replacement, the teeth are moved slightly to their desired positions. Franksmile braces are removable and you can remove them for eating, drinking, or brushing teeth.
  • Though visiting orthodontists during the treatment is not required however it is advisable to check once during the entire treatment duration.
  • Finally, you will need a retainer after completion of the treatment. A retainer for every orthodontic treatment is necessary because it keeps teeth stable in their new positions. It is recommended to change retainer once every six months for avoiding the accumulation of bacteria.

Franksmile Aligners are manufactured from special plastic and the treatment includes several set of braces (replaced after every two weeks). A custom set of braces is fabricated for each individual and he or she has to follow his custom treatment plan.

With each replacement teeth slightly move and hence at the end, teeth are positioned in the right place. On average, treatment for normal cases ranges from 6 to 7 months and you have to wear the braces for at least 20 to 22 hours a day throughout the treatment.

What is the Cost of the Treatment?

Franksmile treatment is cheap as compared to its clear brace competitors. The initial appointment and consultation at one of their partner clinic are free. During the first appointment, certified orthodontists create your customized treatment plan and if you are satisfied with your customized treatment plan then you can purchase your aligners. The complete treatment from the first appointment until the first set of retainers will cost you only 1850 pounds.

You can also pay the treatment charges in easy monthly installments. Franksmile offers an interest-free monthly installment plan. You have to pay around 610 pounds as a down payment and then 250 pounds per month for five months.

Franksmile braces have the following obvious advantages.

Pros of Franksmile Aligners

  • Invisible: Franksmile clear braces are made up of transparent plastic and therefore they are invisible.  These braces are one of the best discreet teeth straightening solutions and Franksmile braces are the preferred straightening solution for adults in the world.
  • Customized Treatment: For every individual, a customized treatment plan is created so the plan will address each case effectively.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Franksmile braces come as a set of replaceable braces and these are usually replaced after every two weeks. As the braces are replaced, therefore these have no or minimal maintenance costs.
  • Quick Result: After each replacement, you can see a visible difference in the position of your teeth so these amazing invisible braces yield almost instant results.
  • Convenience: Franksmile clear braces are convenient as you can remove them for your convenience. Because of these light and invisible braces, you can avoid the inconvenience associated with metal braces.

However, Franksmile braces also have some of the following disadvantages.

Cons of Franksmile Aligners

  • Expensive: The whole treatment will cost around 1850 pounds. As 1850 pounds is a hefty price so if you are on a tight budget then you can’t afford it.
  • Frequent Replacements: Treatment period for a normal case ranges from 6 to 7 months and if you keep changing your brace every two weeks then you have to replace around 14 braces! These frequent replacements are yet another downside of the Franksmile treatment.
  • Uncomfortable at the Start: Some people experience temporary discomfort for a few days at the beginning of each new stage of the treatment when they insert a new aligner. It is a sign that the aligners are working- moving your teeth gradually, but you have to bear the pain for a couple of days after each new insertion.
  • Not for Children: Franksmile treatment is not suitable for under 18 individuals, so children and teens under 18 can’t avail of this treatment.
  • Retainers: After treatment, retainers-permanent or temporary- are needed for preventing relapse.

Franksmile braces have reinvented the smile of many people worldwide. Below are some of the patients’ testimonials showing their trust in Franksmile.

Franksmile Aligner Reviews

“I got the impression kit for about £19…

I got the impression kit for about £19 I had to do them 3 times but franksmile sent me the second two kits free of charge. I’m on aligners 14 now and the treatment plan is going well.”

Katie Huey

“Ordered my retainers mid last year…

Ordered my retainers mid last year after doing tons of research. I like others was very skeptical of a company who were providing a service for 1/5 of the price i was quoted by my local dentist.”


“Balanced Review.

Got my retainers in November after about 6 weeks of paying (paid in full). Treatment is going good, the technology behind it is solid so generally the aligners work a treat. It the human side of the treatment that just isn’t there.”

Daniel Kerr

Franksmile FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The complete treatment will cost you around 1850 pounds in the UK. You can pay this amount in instalments every five months.

Yes. Franksmile aligners have become one of the leading clear alignment brands around the globe and have delivered high quality aligners to many customers worldwide.

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